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  • Jeremy Kang - Audrey in Blue $3500

    Jeremy Kang

    Born in Cambodia and raised in Newcastle (NSW), Jeremy is a figurative painter who has always been fascinated with the human form, and its ability to delicately convey so many profound ideas and emotions. The old classical masters have been a major influence from an...

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  • Broadwater Kite $4000 - Ivan Lovatt

    Ivan Lovatt

    Best known nowadays for his extraordinary works in chicken wire, this new piece from Ivan Lovatt shows that he is equally talented using more traditional found objects. (click to enlarge)

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  • Bone Side Table with embossed leather

    Ornamental Drum Stool

    Originating from the depths of Northern China, this intricately detailed ornamental drum stool made of bone and embossed leather over timber may be used as either a decorative piece, a side table or as the name suggests, a stool.

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  • Spirit $3750 (Red Gum)  - Guy Detot

    Guy Detot Sculptures

    Born in Paris in 1953, Guy Detot first studies woodwork at the prestigious Ecole Boule. Yet, do not ask him for any diploma or certificate. “On est pas serieux quand on a 17 ans” “one is not serious when ones is 17” says the French...

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  • Nicholas Broughton Exhibition

    Nicholas Broughton “Scapes” Exhibition Opens 21st November

    Nicholas Broughton's new "Scapes" exhibition opens on Sunday 21st of November at 4pm and will run until the following Sunday. Nicholas will be showcasing works from his new Favela and City Scape series.

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  • The mind is it's own place $2750 (Feature Image)

    Ivan Lovatt takes it to the next level

    For those of you who love what Ivan Lovatt does with Galvanised chicken wire, then this new sculpture is a must see! He's mixed it up this time and taken the wire technique to the next level!

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  • Recycled boat Coffee Table $780

    Recycled Boat Range (Updated)

    Take a look at our new Recycled Boat Range, with furniture hand made from 40-60 year old boats in and around Indonesia....

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  • Fridas' - Monte Lupo

    Monte Lupo

    Multicap is a state-wide non profit organisation established in 1962, that provides creative support options and services for people with multiple disabilities as well as their families and their carers. In 1991 Multicap established the Monte Lupo business services to provide a career path for...

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  • CC THE CAT - "Inna Babylon Jungle"


    Gold Coast/Byron Bay hard-working reggae rockers CC THE CAT are back on the road with an awesome new line-up..

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  • Cathrine showcasing her work to Prince Charles

    Cathrine Byshiem

    The essence of my work comes from my upbringing in the small town of Hosanger, Norway. I grew up surrounded by the beautiful fjords, forests and mountains...

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